Work Life

Dear newbie,

Welcome to the work force.

You just got out of college. Finished taking those finals, walked the stage and got your diploma.

That stage is done.

Now a new one awaits.

Your first few days of a new job has been fresh and new.

Ready to bring new ideas and energy.

But suddenly you’ll realize that it doesn’t stop. There are no more winter, spring nor summer breaks.

Work life never aligns with personal life.

It’s an unstable sea saw that work and personal life likes to play with one another.

There will be days where you are high in energy and surpass expectations.

Yet there are equally dreadful days that shatters your confidence to pieces.

No matter the good and the bad, remember to take it all in.

Make it count.

Re-energize and rebuild your confidence so that you can win the work battle.

Just remember, I know how you feel.

I understand.

Keep going and you too will understand.



I’m so tired….

that I have no time to breathe.

that a five second pause would feel like heaven.

that sleeping forever sounds good.


I have a fighting spirit.

I know what I have to do to keep going.

I know that I should keep fighting.

Keep going.

The Right Choice…?

How do you know when you make the right choice?

This question always bothered me and still does.


Did I choose the right friends?

Did I choose the right path?

Did I choose the right job?

Is it the right choice that I continue?

How do you know if you made the right choice?


I know we can’t always calculate our lives perfectly and hope that everything will follow. But in the back of my mind, I still wish so.

I read in a book recently that mentioned God won’t show us our syllabus. If He did, then we would automatically just give up the course.

Yes, I see that. But I still always wish someone who can tell me what the right choice.

Maybe I’m just afraid of wasting time and want to jump straight to the right choice. But another way to look at this is not to be afraid of making the wrong choice.

There are always choices to make and it’s okay to fail, make mistakes, just learn from it.

There’s a quote from Abraham Lincoln that says “Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions. You could go this way, or that way, and either way will eventually get to where you want to be.” Maybe I should think like that and not be afraid of the right choice.

Just make a decision. Just choose.

To all Moms

Dear Mom,

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you,

For those endless nights of soothing them back to sleep.

For giving up that last bite so your daughter can have it.

Giving up your peaceful time just so your son can have another turn at the swing.

Taking in those “I don’t care” and “whatever”, that roll of eyes.

Taking in the door slam in your face.

Being the chauffeur of driving from one place to the other.

Being the family secretary and coordinating all family events.

Cooking those delicious meals that take away our tiredness at the end of the day.

Yet, not one complaint.

In order to write everything that a mom does, it may take up the pages of the galaxies.

It’s never an easy task yet the title mom you wear it proudly.

You don’t receive enough Thank yous for all that you have done.

I will say it again and again, Thank you.

Thank you, Mom.

I love you.


Dear Smiling Sister,

Dear Smiling Sister,

I’m sorry.

Sunday after Sunday I would always see your smiling face. Never once have I seen you frown. You would come with your husband and sometimes would have your granddaughter in tow. But almost every Sunday I would see your smiling face and friendly eyes. We have always only exchanged hellos.

Then one day you stopped me and spoke.

I thought there was a little hesitation so I smiled for encouragement.

You spoke of your granddaughter and describing her like I didn’t know her. But in fact I did and had interacted with her long ago. I assured you that I knew her and even knew her name.

You were so relieved when you found out that I knew your granddaughter and relaxed a little bit. You had asked me to pray for your granddaughter. And I agreed. You thanked me with such kind eyes and we parted.

That was the end of our only conversation.

This was what I thought of during your entire memorial service. I felt a pain in my heart. I had forgotten my promise to you. I saw your granddaughter today after years of not seeing her and cried when she went up to speak. I felt her love for you. I felt the pain and regret I had.

I have never felt this regret. I wish I prayed earlier for her. I wish I spoke to you more.

I hope you know your granddaughter is beautiful and smart. But I will still continue to pray for her. I promise you that.

I’m sorry dear smiling sister for fulfilling the promise so late. But I also rejoice after hearing so many wonderful testimonies of what you have done. The impact you had on others is tremendous. Your simple kind smile is what touched all of us.

Just your smile.

I hope you Rest In Peace and I know you are smiling down at us all.

My Working World

I work in a place where I walk into a world and I can be anything or become someone that I don’t expect to be.

Everyday is something new.

I was called a princess by a prince charming who was willing to give me a castle. I had an architect build me houses and buildings. I’ve become a patient where doctors were trying to cure my sickness. I met Batman who let me touch his muscles. I’ve had fashionistas come hug me tightly attaching “I love you”. This is only all possible in the world of a preschool.

This is also a place where I get the opportunity to wear different hats; teacher, cleaning lady, gardener, doctor, baker, etc. It’s only here where I can experience the different jobs that a person can be. The life of a preschool teacher is not an easy one, it can be very draining.

I work until I’m drained to the last drop. So how can I continue? It’s rewarding. It’s because of the love the little kids show me. The sweet good morning hugs and “Ms. Joanna” that I constantly hear.

In the beginning I shuddered at the name of “Ms. Joanna”. In my opinion it sounded old. But now that’s the name I wish to hear from the children. Each time they call me, I feel included into their world. They have just begun to build their own world and each time they call my name, I know they add a little bit of me in there. It sounds selfish but it’s a blessing to me. I feel like a VIP. The children come to our preschool to form their foundation and when they leave they’re ready to continue to build upon it. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling.